At Sweet & Bennett, we treat your project as if it were our project. Navigating New Jersey’s maze of pre-construction regulatory entitlements is no simple task.  Even a simple real estate development project can require approvals from myriad governmental agencies before you can start construction: the local Municipal Planning or Zoning Board, Historic Preservation Commission, Redevelopment Agency, the County Planning Board, Soil Conservation District, State Department of Environmental Protection, State Department of Transportation, Highlands, Meadowlands, Pinelands… the list goes on and on.

In this labyrinthine regulatory environment, a knowledgeable land use attorney is an essential member of your project team.  The attorneys at Sweet & Bennett will create a legal strategy to minimize risk and streamline the pre-development entitlements phase of your next project.  Underestimating the complexity of the approvals process can result in costly delays, and can even make or break your project.  We will coordinate the efforts of your project team to cost-effectively manage your development during every preconstruction phase– from conception to building permits.